Service Based Online Business Coaching And Mentoring

You're awesome at what you do. 

But selling is proving tricky!

You've put in the hours, worked incredibly hard for someone else, and now you have your own empire. 
Feels great, doesn't it!?
Your business has been built on your passion and reputation.
But the 'leads' from your network are drying up and you can't see where the next client is coming from.
How do you get more people to enquire about your services when they don't know you?
If the thought of selling makes you sweat, how do you plan on winning more clients?

Our clients work with us to set themselves up for consistently high sales performance. Agency owners, Accountants, Coaches, Consultants and Creatives.

Many need to act fast as their sales pipeline is drying up, but they also want to learn and own the process along the way. This is vital to ensure you are able to apply your learnings time after time and continue to grow your business long after we are gone.

We work at your speed and give you all of the tools and expertise so that you can prove to yourself that you can deliver sales excellence.

"If you’re a service-led company like ours, wanting a more structured plan for growing your company, then we can highly recommend using Second Voice."

Tim Rookes
True MSP

The mission is simple.

Get a steady flow of leads and consistent pipeline growth

See us as the sales experts

for your company.

We enable founders to build strategy, define processes and train teams.

With over twenty years of experience in the world of sales, we have served in, started, scaled and supported hundreds of companies so that they can take ownership of their selling potential.

After you've finished working with us, you will have:

Clear Objectives and Key Result plans (OKRs)

A fully researched and validated sales strategy

Defined understanding of your ideal customer

In-depth competitor analysis

Clear pricing structures and rate cards

Full financial forecasting model

Visibility on which sales channels to use

A clear documented Customer Journey

Chosen tools to support your sales efforts (including CRM)

Staffing requirements

Plus as much access to our team as you require



Plan, research, validate and design your sales strategy.

You know how your product delivers, now capitalise by getting in front of the right people through the right channels at the right time.


Define the tools and processes needed in order to maximise your chances of sales success.

From designing customer journeys through to which CRM to use, it's all within reach.


Whether you're delivering this work on your own or with a team, make sure you have the skills in place to maximise every opportunity. The skills of you and your people will determine how quickly you win.

Second Voice selected as NatWest business mentors.


In 2019, Second Voice was selected by the NatWest Group to support founders on their entrepreneurial accelerator programme.

You're in safe hands with us.

What our clients say

"If you’re a service-led company like ours, wanting a more structured plan for growing your company, then we can highly recommend using Second Voice."

Tim Rookes

Managing Director

"Second Voice treated me as a partner encouraging my input and giving me the confidence to trust myself to make positive change. They seek out ideas and makes those ideas part of the solution."

Robbie Bhatti

Business development director

"They actually take the time to engage with you and understand what you need and then deliver accordingly.

I would have no hesitation in working with them again.

Babatunde Ojo

Divisional lead

Take control of your sales today!

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